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We received more than 100 abstracts, thanks!                                 

Instructions for an oral presentation at ISSPA

There is a timeslot of 15 minutes planned for your presentation, after that there are a few minutes for questions (3 minutes) and changing speakers (2 minutes). In total 20 minutes.

Please use a 16:9 format for your slides. Please save your presentation as a PowerPoint-file using the last name of the first author as the file name.

You cannot use your own laptop, please have a USB-stick with your presentation with you.

On the day of your presentation, please hand in your presentation early in the morning (when you present in a morning session) or just before lunch time (when you present in an afternoon session) at the organization desk.


Instructions for a poster presentation at ISSPA

If you want, you can put up your poster at the assigned poster board on the first day of the conference. Your poster can remain there during all ISSPA sessions. Push pins will be available in the room. Please use the portrait format (A0 max) for your poster.

On the day of your poster session, please stand near your poster. 

For the poster pitch, please construct a 3 slide PowerPoint (format 16:9). Your first slide should contain your poster title and author name(s). On the morning of your poster presentation, please take your presentation (PowerPoint-file!) on a USB-stick to the organization desk, so they can combine all poster pitches in different folders.

Please save your PowerPoint-file using the last name of the first author of your poster as the file name.

Some tips for a good poster layout are available on the ISSPA website: scroll down.


Abstract regulations

Margins: top 2 inch, bottom 2 inch, left & right 1.2 inch

Title: Calibri, 14 pt, bold, centered

Authors name: Calibri 12 pt, bold, centered

Author’s affiliation and full address: Calibri, 12 pt, centered, italicized

Author’s telephone, fax and e-mail address: Calibri, 12 pt, centered, italicized

Abstract text: Calibri 12 pt - maximum 2 A4 pages 

Single line spacing


Poster layout for ISSPA 2019

Format: A0 (1189 x 841 mm; 46,8 x 33,1 inches) 


The poster should include




Email address

Research question

Some results (use graphics)

Conclusion/take home message

Some tips for a good poster

  • include a small photograph of yourself 
  • use a large enough letter type: the text should be large enough to be seen from 5 feet away 
  • The display should be self-explanatory 
  • not too much text: use graphics to make a pointbut make illustrations simple and bold
  • The pieces should be organized in a way that leads the viewer through the display
  • A neutral coloured poster is more pleasing to the eye than one on a bright colored background
  • For more info on tips of posters: google ! Some websites that may give you some good insights

Presenters will be required to present a 2-minute pitch (maximum 3 slides) of their poster before the start of their poster session and are requested to stand by their poster at the poster session.


Download: ISSPA2019-Abstract Template.doc

Download: ISSPA2019-Abstract Example.pdf