Submitting abstracts is closed!

We received more than 100 abstracts, thanks!                                 

Abstract regulations

Margins: top 2 inch, bottom 2 inch, left & right 1.2 inch

Title: Calibri, 14 pt, bold, centered

Authors name: Calibri 12 pt, bold, centered

Author’s affiliation and full address: Calibri, 12 pt, centered, italicized

Author’s telephone, fax and e-mail address: Calibri, 12 pt, centered, italicized

Abstract text: Calibri 12 pt - maximum 2 A4 pages 

Single line spacing


Poster layout for ISSPA 2019

Format: A0 (1189 x 841 mm; 46,8 x 33,1 inches) 


The poster should include




Email address

Research question

Some results (use graphics)

Conclusion/take home message

Some tips for a good poster

  • include a small photograph of yourself 
  • use a large enough letter type: the text should be large enough to be seen from 5 feet away 
  • The display should be self-explanatory 
  • not too much text: use graphics to make a pointbut make illustrations simple and bold
  • The pieces should be organized in a way that leads the viewer through the display
  • A neutral coloured poster is more pleasing to the eye than one on a bright colored background
  • For more info on tips of posters: google ! Some websites that may give you some good insights


Presenters will be required to present a 2-minute pitch (maximum 3 slides) of their poster before the start of their poster session and are requested to stand by their poster at the poster session.


Download: ISSPA2019-Abstract Template.doc

Download: ISSPA2019-Abstract Example.pdf